The future is cashless,
the future is Koin

Remember the era of cash dominance? That chapter is nearing its end. Welcome to the future, cashless and seamless. And leading this transformation? Koin.

A Power Player in Payment Solutions

Thinking of embracing cashless? Koin is more than just a safe option, it’s a top choice. We offer comprehensive support for all payment transactions, including:

The Koin Experience: Raising the Bar

Here’s where we shine. Koin facilitates a seamless journey from enrollment, through funding and cash out. Our platform champions adaptability and convenience:

Customer's Delight: Smooth Sailing All the Way

We get it. No user wants a glitch in their payment journey. This is why Koin is jam-packed with user-friendly features:

Advanced technology ensuring easy sign-ups and daily use

Pay-as-you-go or ‘play now & pay later’ with the Marker Trax patented credit solution – your choice

Integrated and seamless transaction review. And the best part? It’s accessible 24/7, wherever you are

Your trust is our priority

We understand. In this field, trust is paramount. Rest assured, Koin is OCC and FDIC regulated, assures advanced PII data security and PCI compliance, and is FDIC insured up to $250,000 per account. Koin is a safe and smart bet.

Koin Solutions

Koin Konnect

Koin Konnect is a cutting-edge bi-lateral payment gateway designed to optimize funds flow management between gaming patrons and approved wagering systems. With Koin Konnect, you can establish a secure and efficient payment ecosystem that simplifies the payment process, enhances user experiences, and ensures regulatory compliance.

Koin Wallet

Koin Wallet is a comprehensive omni-channel and bilateral payment solution that caters to both Casino Operators and Patrons. With its fully integrated financial wallet features, Koin Wallet empowers casino patrons with convenient access to funds anytime, anywhere. It offers casino operators a seamless payment option for slot, cage, and table game applications, fully integrated with the CMS provider’s regulated gaming wallet.

Koin Payment Network

Koin Payment Network is a powerful solution that facilitates seamless integration between Payment Systems providers and Other Wallets/Funding Sources. Our cutting-edge solution is designed to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of digital transactions.

Whatever suits your style, Koin caters to it.

Ready to navigate the cashless future with Koin? With Koin, you’re always ahead.